Friday, April 22, 2016

New Cosplay Photography Con Rates!

At recent anime & comic conventions, I've mainly offered only one special con rate for cosplayers who wanted to hire me. Many of those cosplayers' shoots I used to try out new editing techniques and gave them much more than they paid for. While I wish I could keep giving people full editing and special effects at such a low cost, unfortunately, that editing eats up a large amount of time and has often either made me late on delivering those photos or caused me to rush on other photos, leading to inconsistent quality. Of course, however, I still want to offer my services at very reasonable rates. Putting together cosplays and paying for the cons to wear them at can become so expensive as it is, so having to hire a photographer on top of that can sometimes be difficult on people's wallets. And that's why I'm now offering 3 different special con rates.