What is AGOM?

AGOM (A Glimpse of Me) Studios is a business that offers artistic services to help reveal and express who you are. Our main services offered are drawing & painting, graphic & advertisement design, and photography. For further information on our services, please visit the services page on my website.

Mission and Goals:

AGOM Studios believes everyone has a purpose. Therefore, the mission is to help people find and pursue their purposes. Part of this goal is to help you best represent yourself, whether it be through decorating your home, marketing your business, or capturing moments in your life.

With that being said, I don't believe in only working for the sake of money. Since the goal is to help reveal and represent who you are, my style, although kept at professional quality, is not plain and corporate. I enjoy being creative. So if you're looking for a more plain and corporate feel, my recommendation is to find someone who specializes in that. It's important to me for the photography and art pieces at AGOM to always tell some sort of a story. Even my graphic & advertisement design, to an extent, should be doing that. 

AGOM Studios Blog:

Since the mission of AGOM is help people find and pursue their purposes, the main purpose of this blog is to aid in that mission. This means providing helpful tips & advice on art and marketing, posting about new deals I'm offering, and sharing any updates that may affect followers and clients. I also post about client work as a small gesture of thanking them for choosing to use me. Doing so provides a form of free advertisement for them. It also proves to be a useful way to display some of my portfolio.

If you would like more info on what AGOM is all about or would like to get to know the artist behind it all, visit the about page on the AGOM website.


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