Friday, December 25, 2015

Ignation Christmas Music Video

Merry Christmas!! Here's a little gift to everyone. We just released the music video to Ignation's new Christmas Medley, "Mary Did You Know/O Come, All Ye Faithful". I rarely work with video, so this was a lot of fun to do with them.

Normally, around the fall and winter, work dies down for me. Cosplay season and cons come to a pause, bands don't book as many shows, and people are busy with the Holidays. But oddly enough, this year was the very opposite. I've had more work recently than I had all year around and have been absolutely swamped (I got 4 hours of sleep total the past 2 nights...).

It's been very busy, but definitely a good type of busy! I'm truly blessed. I'm really excited about all the projects I've been working on and I can't wait to share more with you.

I really hope you enjoy the video, and if you like the song, make sure to go give their facebook page a like or follow them on twitter! And please share, they really appreciate it! ;D

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